How to Be a Better Doctor

How to Be a Better Doctor: Key Steps to Take

If you want to become a GP in the UK, you need to spend 4 years working towards a medical degree, 2 years on foundational training and 3 years on General Practice training. That’s 9 years of training just to get started. But you want to know how to be a better doctor and that takes more. If you want to become the best version of yourself and enjoy a challenging and rewarding career in the process, your training won’t stop when you become a qualified GP: you will have to continue with further training throughout your career, as well as other personal and professional development initiatives. Today, we discuss how you can become the best doctor possible through training and various other initiatives.


How to Be a Better Doctor and Enjoy a Rewarding Career


If you want to be the best doctor you can possibly be, consider investing some time and effort in all of the following personal and professional development areas:


  • Further Training – One of the best ways to maximise your potential as a doctor is to invest in further training. Whether you study nutrition, enroll in a management/leadership course or learn how to coach other doctors, your new skills and knowledge will help you to become a better doctor.
  • Practising Diagnostic Skills – The ability to diagnose a wide range of conditions is a foundational requirement for any GP and much time is spent honing diagnostic skills in medical school. However, the very best doctors continue to take every opportunity to practice these skills once they are fully qualified. Grab every chance to practise and you will soon become an accomplished diagnostician.
  • Improving Personal Communication Skills – The ability to communicate clearly is of prime importance to medical professionals, especially doctors on the front line of healthcare in the UK. Improving your skills with an approved communications course would therefore be an excellent professional development idea.
  • Staying Abreast of Latest Developments – It’s important to scan industry periodicals and network with colleagues to stay abreast of the latest medical developments if you want to be a better doctor.


If you would like to investigate the possibility of further training with us, please feel free to browse our fully accredited course selection at your leisure and to contact us if you require any assistance. Knowing how to be a better doctor is just the start: now it’s time to take positive action.