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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Generation Leader?

  • The Medical Leader Programme is produced to the highest quality – Our content is created in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Review, our technology is powered by the market leading Percipio which provides an unparalleled learner experience and the programme is certified by the FMLM, the CMI and the CPD Certification Service. Our dedicated faculty are globally renowned experts. They are passionate about management and leadership and about ensuring you develop the skills to succeed and excel in your career.
  • The Medical Leader Programme is mapped to the leadership requirements of your industry and to the leadership frameworks of the FMLM and the CMI – This is a unique approach and ensures you are learning in a focused way whilst understanding what great management and leadership looks like across all industries and sectors globally. This approach and methodology has been developed by Generation Leader.
  • Our unparalleled affordability –The ability to develop management and leadership skills and have access to the best learning materials should be available to everyone. The team at Generation Leader set out to make this a reality. We work with the best and have produced an award-winning programme at a price previously unavailable in the industry.
  • Our unparalleled Flexibility – We understand that situations change, therefore you can cancel your access to the programme at any time. You can re-join whenever convenient to you.

What does the Generation Leader logo signify?

  • Our logo; “The GL Summit”, consists of two connected mountains.
  • The second mountain is larger to visually display the development of personal and professional growth. It stands out like all those involved in the Generation Leader community.
  • The mountains are connected to highlight the importance of a professional network and developing professional relationships. The connection signifies the importance of teams and those that lead with purpose and inspire them.
  • The larger, “Stand out”, mountain is reaching for the stars. In the same way those in the Generation Leader community do. It is not fully connected to demonstrate the importance of continuous professional development and that the learning journey must continue throughout an individual’s entire career
  • If you look carefully a “G” and an “L” can be found within the logo.

What support will I get from Generation Leader?

  • We are always here to help and are always monitoring our inbox:
  • We will always aim to get back to you within 24 hours, hopefully quicker.
  • We have a dedicated tech support team if you require assistance with the learning platform (Percipio). This includes live technical support. This can be found under “my profile” and then by selecting “help”.
  • Learners who have added a CMI Certificate of Recognition also have access to the CMI Mentoring scheme and CMI Alumni network to provide further support.

How long will I be a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) for:

Learners who have added a CMI Certificate of Recognition will have CMI membership for one year. The membership is powerful and includes essential elements to help you stand out and develop:

  • CV building tool
  • CV review service
  • Job search engine enabling you to find your ideal job or next role
  • Interview Simulator – Over 300 Hiring Managers, advising on what they look for in interviews and what questions they ask
  • CMI Mentoring
  • Personality, assertiveness and resilience tests
  • Management Direct – 24/7 extensive online knowledge resource on Management and Leadership
  • And lots more…

What happens if I have to cancel my involvement in the programme?

We totally understand that situations change. Flexibility is important to us at Generation Leader so you can cancel any time. You are in control of your account and you can manage your subscription through our website. Please let us know if you have any questions and you are always welcome to re-join the programme again when convenient to you.

Do I have to complete all the themes within The Medical Leader Programme?

No, you can complete as many themes as you require. We would recommend completing all of them to help develop the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours required of a great manager and leader.

Can I complete all 132 MIT Sloan Management Review certificates without any additional charge?

Yes, all learners can complete all of the MIT Sloan Management Review certificates without any additional charges.
We would also recommend sharing your successes on social media to highlight your new skills.

Who are the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the UK’s leading organisation for professional managers, representing and supporting members globally and committed to promoting and setting the standards in management excellence.

As the only chartered professional body in the field of Management and Leadership, the CMI are recognised by organisations globally as the ‘gold standard’ for Management training.

Can I gain recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits through the Programme?

Yes, The Medical Leader Programme is proud to be CPD accredited by:
The CPD Certification Service:
The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM):

Do I need to have work experience or be employed to join the programme?

No. You don’t have to have work experience, or be currently employed, to join. The Medical Leader Programme was created to help you gain the essential management and leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours to excel in the healthcare sector.

Who is the programme made for?

The Medical Leader Programme is suitable for all healthcare professionals and it’s never too early to start developing your skills in this area. Many of our learners are also senior consultants who want to refresh, reinforce and complement their existing skillsets.

As the programme is CPD certified it is the perfect solution for all healthcare professionals who require recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. At each stage of your career as a healthcare professional you are required to provide evidence of your knowledge and experience in management and leadership. The confidence, skills and formal certificates gained in The Medical Leader Programme will benefit your interviews and your career as a whole.

I’m a medical student, can I join?

Yes. It’s never too early to start developing your skills in this area and for this reason we would recommend medical students to join.

How will the masterclasses support my development?

There is a new masterclass added each month for you to watch when convenient to you. They are not recorded live so you don’t have to worry about missing the session. It will remain on the platform for you to watch as many times as you wish. They feature current practitioners who share their experiences and solutions to real life challenges in the workplace. Learning from relatable people who face similar issues provides valuable learning opportunities.

Recent masterclass topics have been:

  • How to break bad news- with Dr Adrian Steele
  • Leading teams for effective performance- with Mr Kevin O’Neill
  • How to manage stress-with Ms Ashleigh Thorn
  • Negotiating with different priorities in the clinical setting- with Mr Usman Jaffer

Why have Generation Leader created The Medical Leader Programme?

When training to become a healthcare professional the focus is on gaining clinical knowledge.

It is essential for medical professionals to also develop management and leadership skills for the benefit of their own careers, their team’s success, the organisations’ success and most importantly for patient care.

The Medical Leader Programme gives you unlimited access to your own online, on-demand business school so you can continue your job as a healthcare professional without disruption.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is also essential for health care professionals. You can obtain the recognised CPD credits you require through the programme.

What is Percipio?

The platform is powered by Percipio. Percipio, created by our partner, Skillsoft, is an intelligent online learning experience platform that delivers an immersive learning experience. It leverages highly engaging content, curated into learning paths (channels) that are continuously updated to ensure you always have access to the latest information. You can download the Skillsoft Percipio app when you join the programme.

Why has MIT Sloan Management Review content been used?

The team at Generation Leader have ensured that every part of The Medical Leader Programme is delivered to the highest quality. The content which we provide is crucial and we have therefore chosen the best. MIT Sloan Management Review is the preeminent content leader at the intersection of business and technology. The content offers an unparalleled variety of exclusive advanced learning materials across different learning methods.

Are Chartered Management Institute (CMI) certificates globally recognised?

Yes. CMI certificates are recognised globally. The CMI has offices around the world and is an active member of the European Management Association (EMA).

Will I be supported by a mentoring programme?

Yes. Learners who add a CMI Certificate of Recognition will be members of the CMI for one year. All members benefit from the CMI’s online mentoring service that will help you boost your knowledge of employer expectations and help you gain confidence.

What happens after I join the programme?

Firstly, you will receive an instant payment confirmation email from the Generation Leader team…shortly followed by a welcome email from the founders, Dr Hanieh Asadi and Mr Nick Jenkins.

Secondly, you will be sent an email giving you access to the platform, Percipio, within a few minutes. You are then ready to start learning and gaining CPD credits immediately.

If you have chosen to add the CMI Certificate of Recognition you will receive your CMI membership number giving you access to all CMI member benefits.

Why are management skills important to a medical professional?

The answer to this question can be perfectly summed up by the below paragraph written by Lisa S. Rothenstein, MD, Raffaella Sadun and Anupam B. Jena which was published in the Harvard Business Review:

“Medicine involves leadership” and “all physicians take on significant leadership responsibilities over the course of their career.” However, physicians are not taught how to lead and “leadership skills are rarely taught and reinforced across the continuum of medical training.” It is essential to note that “medical institutions have designated “leadership” as a core medical competency“.

“As more evidence shows that leadership skills and management practices positively influence both patient and healthcare organisation outcomes, it’s becoming clear that leadership training should be formally integrated into medical and residency training curricula.”

Do I need to be formally employed to join the programme?

No, you don’t need to be employed to join The Medical Leader Programme

Are there any entry requirements?

No, there aren’t any entry requirements or any prerequisites to joining the Medical Leader Programme

What is ManagementDirect from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)?

ManagementDirect is the Chartered Management Institute’s Online resource portal. All learners who have chosen to add-on the CMI Certificate of Recognition will have access to this for one year as part of their CMI membership.

The Chartered Management Institute is home to the largest management library in the UK, with over 15,000 books on management and leadership. As a member of the CMI, through Generation Leader, you have full annual access to ManagementDirect, which includes e-journals, company and industry reports, as well as thousands of publications, videos, e-books, checklists and guides. The CMI’s online resources also equips you with self-directed learning toolkits to help you overcome managerial roadblocks. Members can make use of self-assessments, interactive scenarios and document templates to help you progress in your professional career.

What if I don’t complete my CMI Certificate of Recognition within two months?

Two months is the recommended time to complete your Certificate. If you don’t complete this within two months please don’t worry as you have CMI membership for one year.

Is The Medical Leader Programme suitable for all medical professionals or just doctors?

The Medical Leader Programme is designed for all medical professionals; doctors, nurses and midwives, dentists, allied health professionals and hospital corporate service staff. Many of our learners are also medical students.

How can I pay for the Medical Leader Programme?

You can pay through our secure payment section on our website. There are a range of payment methods which are accepted. The Medical Leader Programme is charged at £78 per month and this will be set up as a recurring payment. You can cancel anytime.

Please contact your educational supervisor with regards to getting reimbursed through the study budget

Does the programme have an app?

Yes, please download the “Skillsoft Percipio” app in the app store.

Will I be awarded my CPD certificates instantly?

Your result will be provided instantly. The Generation Leader team will check the result and send you your formal certificate via email.

How long should I join the programme for?

This is a question we are asked frequently and depends what you are looking to achieve. The average time our learners remain on the programme is 5 months. The programme is designed to be there when you need it and many use the platform to solve problems when they arise. Some learners have said it’s like having a business school in their pocket and the themes in the course can be accessed at any time, in any order.

Some of our learners want to use the programme to simply obtain CPD credits. In this situation you could focus on the 30 accredited courses to gain the 30 CPD credits. This could be done in a couple of months.

Some learners have the intention on joining long term but the situation at work has changed. In this case cancelling the subscription can be done at any time and you can restart at any time. Having this flexibility is very important.