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Generation Leader

We are a UK based, doctor led business, dedicated to helping healthcare professionals, hospitals and Ministries of Health worldwide develop essential skills. We are the proud creators of award-winning online leadership courses and high impact clinical skills programmes.

Our Story

The concept for our courses was developed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For all of us in healthcare, it was all hands on deck. Even colleagues taking PhD’s were pulled back to full time clinical work to meet the patient demand. As a result, training was sidelined but our collective responsibilities to maintaining an up to date personal development plan remained in place.

We wanted to help, so decided to create courses that could work around the new circumstances we all found ourselves in. Our first course was launched in September 2019 and we gave out logins to as many colleagues as we could tell! We are proud that our courses have helped so many and continue to make a positive impact. We’re so excited to have started delivering our courses globally and supporting hospitals in their mission to inspire their teams.

Hanieh and Nick – Founders of Generation Leader

All healthcare professionals must develop their management and leadership skills and evidence their learning each year. We have simpified, modernised and improved the way essential skills are developed, with the support of the latest technology and the most prestigious content. We are proud to be benefitting thousands of learners around the world.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our learning community and watch your career flourish

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Dr Hanieh Asadi

Co-Founder & Director of Generation Leader

Dr Hanieh Asadi is a founders and Director of Generation Leader. Hanieh’s inherent curiosity for new academic challenges led her to move abroad and embark on a journey to become a doctor. 

Dr Hanieh Asadi is one of the founders and Directors of Generation Leader. Hanieh’s inherent curiosity for new academic challenges led her to move abroad and embark on a journey to become a doctor. She qualified with a Master’s degree in Medicine from Comenius University in Slovakia in 2011 and immediately started working as a medical doctor in Stockholm before moving to the U.K. to continue developing her career.

Hanieh has acquired a postgraduate degree in Medicine, designed and launched teaching programs for junior doctors, acted as the associate college tutor for the East of England deanery, published academic articles and presented at a number of national and international medical conferences as well as attended the Nobel Prize Award ceremony. Hanieh recently launched her own clinic delivering preoperative and postoperative expert medical care to surgical patients.

After spending almost a decade working as a doctor across a wide variety of hospital specialties, in particular intensive care medicine, she continued her academic journey in medical leadership. Having gained considerable experience across multiple medical and surgical specialties and numerous encounters with medical leaders she came to realize the importance of developing and refining leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours.

The Master’s in Medical Leadership at CASS Business School transformed Hanieh professionally as a clinician and also helped her develop the skills required to manage teams successfully and develop the confidence and knowledge to effectively lead with purpose. The time spent at CASS business school and a genuine passion for teaching has been the platform for developing Generation Leader with her founding partners.

When people ask Hanieh why she chose to form Generation Leader she says; “I would like to add value by helping all healthcare professionals develop their essential non-clinical skills and understand the importance of them”.

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Nick Jenkins

Co-Founder & Director of Generation Leader

Nick Jenkins, a founding partner and Director, is a leader in designing and delivering global management and leadership programmes.

Nick Jenkins, one of the founding partners and Directors of the organisation, is a leader in designing and delivering global management and leadership programmes.

Having graduated from the University of Bristol in 2005, Nick relocated to Beijing to work in the commercial team of a US based global logistics leader. After three years of success, he was enrolled on the management training programme and in turn this led to his transfer to Kuwait City to help develop the newest office in the region. 

Nick returned to London to run the commercial function of an organisation developing management innovation programmes for the NHS and public sector. The programmes were seed funded by the Department of Health. The success of the company led to its acquisition by a leading EdTech organisation and for the following nine years, Nick continued on as commercial director and focused on ensuring all programmes made a genuine strategic and financial impact.

Nick understands the importance of “human skills” and the positive effect the acquisition of these has on well-being, results and teams.