Healthcare Leadership Education Provider Generation Leader Announces the Launch of Five New Courses, Limited Time Tuition Discount

Generation Leader, the only leadership course provider certified by the 3 leading accreditors, announces the launch of 5 new course offerings. The courses are highly structured, fully online and completed in 6 weeks. Learners can study at times convenient to them and are given instant access to a dedicated platform.

Within each course, assessments are multiple choice and can be re-taken if required. The content is created by the prestigious MIT Sloan Management Review and features masterclasses by Generation Leader. All learners will earn industry required Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits and a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Certificate of Recognition.


This is the most exclusive and cost-effective way for healthcare professionals to develop essential skills to get ahead in their careers. All courses include Chartered Management Institute Affiliate membership for 1 year and a digital badge to share on LinkedIn for the purpose of enhancing a resume. These courses have been created by current doctors, specifically for healthcare professionals. Learners can develop the skills every healthcare organisation needs and looks for, including; relationship building, agility and adaptability, innovation & creativity, motivating & inspiring, decision-making, conflict management & resolution, negotiation and critical thinking.

Created for Allied Health Professionals, Doctors, Nurses and Midwives, Dentists and those working in hospital corporate teams, at all career stages. The courses have recently won the Skillsoft Innovation Award and are uniquely mapped to the management and leadership requirements as stated by all the UK’s Royal Colleges. This guarantees focused and relevant learning.

The new courses are as follows:

1. Management and Leadership Foundation Course / Award: 14 CPD Credits & CMI Certificate of Recognition

Key learning areas: Leading innovation, understanding change, leading with strategic thinking, building and leading teams, building trust, leading through change, strategic thinking, and managing virtual teams.

2. Mastering Skillful Communication Course / Award: 20 CPD Credits & CMI Certificate of Recognition

Key learning areas: Conflict management, managing and setting priorities, leading across cultures, collaboration, navigating challenging situations, cultivating cross-functional teams, time management & organization, active listening, and critical conversations.

3. Change Management Foundation Course / Award: 14 CPD Credits & CMI Certificate of Recognition

Key learning areas: Leading innovation, understanding change, leading with strategic thinking, building and leading teams, building trust, leading through change, strategic thinking, and managing virtual teams.

4. Emotional Intelligence as a Leader Course / Award: 18 CPD Credits & CMI Certificate of Recognition

Key learning areas: Benefits of being an emotionally intelligent leader, leading individuals and teams, critical thinking, managing stress, managing pressure to optimize performance, effective leadership, breaking bad news, decision making.

5. Coaching Foundation Course / Award: 4 CPD Credits & CMI Certificate of Recognition

Key learning areas: Managing stress, managing difficult professional relationships, building confidence, self-belief and assertiveness, shared goals & teaming, being a good coach, increasing engagement, creating a vision, delegating, developing women leaders, helping others to grow, motivating others.

Generation Leader is offering a limited time promotion to save learners money. Throughout September the courses will be discounted from £620 to £375 to help everyone get ahead in their careers and personal development.

Generation Leader Co-Founder, Dr Hanieh Asadi, is proud of her organisation’s new offerings, “We are super excited about having launched our new range of online management and leadership courses for healthcare professionals. Not only is the content world renowned, but also more accessible and adapted to the schedules of busy professionals. We have thought about everything when designing them, ranging from the duration, style and cost. The courses are here to make life easier and career progression simpler.”

Generation Leader Co-Founder, Nick Jenkins, is also excited about the new offerings, “Our new online leadership and management courses have made it far easier for healthcare professionals to obtain the knowledge and skills that they need to become better at their jobs. We have simplified and modernised the way everyone in healthcare can develop essential skills and obtain the credits required. Our award-winning online courses are completed in 6 weeks, or less, and feature stunning visual content from the world’s leading content providers.”



The concept for Generation Leader’s courses was developed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For everyone working in healthcare, it was a time of unprecedented change. Patient demand caused everyone to put their professional development on hold. Training was sidelined, but the responsibility of continuing to develop personally and professionally remained in place. Generation Leader wanted to help, so they decided to create courses that could work around the new circumstances healthcare professionals found themselves in. Their first course was launched in September 2021 and they distributed access to their platform to many of their colleagues and friends. They are proud that their courses have helped so many and continue to have a positive impact. They continue to grow globally and now provide world leading training to hospitals and Ministries of Health.

Generation Leader is the preferred place where healthcare professionals, at all seniorities, come to build and certify their management and leadership skills. Learners can now participate in world-leading educational courses and earn the certificates required, all in the comfort of their own home, without the typical expense attached. Lead by a management team and faculty comprised of renowned doctors and healthcare leaders, the company has grown from humble origins to a leading education provider. This is the home of incredible content, powered by cutting-edge technology and supported by the industry’s leading accreditors. Generation Leader offers the only online courses in the world accredited by the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM), The CPD Certification Service and the Chartered Management institute (CMI).

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About Generation Leader

Generation Leader provides the most innovative, relevant and impactful online healthcare management and leadership courses for healthcare professionals. 

Our courses are aligned to the leadership curricula of the UK’s Royal Colleges and made specifically for healthcare professionals. Our courses have been created by medical doctors who know how the healthcare sector works from years of experience. All courses are applicable and relatable and help learners to succeed in gaining essential skills to excel in day-to-day work activities, such as: communicating with colleagues and patients, complex problem solving, conducting difficult conversations, innovation, knowing how to lead and motivate teams.

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