Further Training for Nurses

Further Training for Nurses in the United Kingdom


In addition to creating more opportunities for career advancement, all accredited further training for nurses that you complete will count towards your 3-year continuing professional development (CPD) target of 35 hours. With this in mind, it is easy to see the value of further training but exactly what type of courses should you be taking and should your career goals influence the training choices that you make? It is to these questions we address ourselves in today’s brief post.


Further Training for Nurses: Exploring Your Options


The easiest way to explore your training options is to first identify your key career goals, which neatly answers our second question first! Yes, your career goals should absolutely influence the choices that you make as far as training courses are concerned, as outlined below:


  • Maintaining Your Professional Credentials – As mentioned above, all accredited training courses you complete will count towards the CPD target of 35 hours, which resets every 3 years. If this is your only concern, any approved course will be suitable for your needs.
  • Improving Patient Outcomes – If you are primarily concerned with improving patient outcomes, you will be best served with courses that focus on adding to your medical diagnosis and treatment skills and perhaps your communication skills too.
  • Moving into a Management Position – If you have your heart set on a management role, you should enroll in an accredited management and leadership course, preferably one has been created specifically for medical professionals and that maps directly to the leadership/management requirements of UK Royal Colleges.
  • Moving into a Coaching Role – For those who plan on becoming nursing coaches at some point in the future, a course that teaches foundational coaching skills would be a natural choice.
  • Managing the Restructuring of a Healthcare Facility – If your future career goals include overseeing big changes in a healthcare facility, you might like to consider taking a change management course designed especially for healthcare professionals.


Whatever your specific career goals may be and wherever nursing may take you in the future, you will be better equipped to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way with the knowledge and skills you acquire on our accredited courses, not to mention the nationally recognised certification that you receive. Buy your first course and find out why we are the preferred training provider for so many medical professionals in the UK.