The Study Budget for Doctors in Training

The study budget covers:

  • Courses and education activities to support you achieving the curriculum
  • Courses to help you prepare for postgraduate exams
  • Discretionary courses that add value to you individually and support the wider system

There is no annual limit to the study budget. This will insure you will receive the funding you need to progress through your speciality curriculum for the entire length of your course. 

Generation Leader courses can be covered by your study budget

How to access the study budget:

To access the study budget you should discuss this with your educational supervisor or line manager. 

A guide from Health Education England

To help with you study budget application, we have created a template:

Dear (Insert name of Educational Supervisor/Training Programme Director),

This letter is to request access to funding from the study budget as I have recently purchased a certified leadership course. This course is a medical management and leadership course that supports me in achieving the curriculum. It also qualifies as a discretionary course that adds value to me individually and supports the wider system.  According to Health Education England a course must meet these requirements in order for the costs to be covered by the study budget.

I have listed points below that highlight why the course is right for me:

  • It is fully online and requires no study leave
  • The delivery method enables me to learn when convenient to me and also acts as a reference point for day to day challenges
  • The course is fully flexible
  • It has been created by current doctors who understand the challenges I face
  • The course is mapped to the management and leadership requirements as stated by the UK’s Medical Royal Colleges
  • I can obtain up to x CPD credits, which are fully accredited
  • The course’s content is trusted and created in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Review
  • The course contains masterclasses which feature current practitioners who share their experiences and solutions to real life challenges in the workplace

The course is accredited by the:

  • Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM)
  • The Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • The CPD Certification Service

Generation Leader is a UK based company and the course details can be found via The company provides me with a receipt upon payment via their website and I get instant access to their platform and app to start my learning.

I would greatly appreciate your approval for me to undertake this educational course and for it to be funded though the study budget.

Yours sincerely

About Generation Leader

Generation Leader provides the most innovative, relevant and impactful online healthcare management and leadership courses for healthcare professionals. 

Our courses are aligned to the leadership curricula of the UK’s Royal Colleges and made specifically for healthcare professionals. Our courses have been created by medical doctors who know how the healthcare sector works from years of experience. All courses are applicable and relatable and help learners to succeed in gaining essential skills to excel in day-to-day work activities, such as: communicating with colleagues and patients, complex problem solving, conducting difficult conversations, innovation, knowing how to lead and motivate teams.

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