Teaching Experience


For subscribers to The Medical Leader Programme.

Can be purchased with your initial subscription to The Medical Leader Programme or added anytime after you have subscribed.

  • Fully online
  • Provides unique teaching opportunities to help you with your training application from foundation year 2 (FY2) onwards.
  • Helps you gain scores of between 2-8 in your application scoring for the following sections:
    • Teaching experience and skills
    • Training in teaching
    • Leadership and Management


This is applicable for trainees applying for training in:

  • Internal Medicine Training (IMT).
  • Core Surgical Training (CST).
  • Physician ST3 recruitment.
  • Anaesthesia & ACCS CT1 recruitment.
  • Intensive Care Medicine (ICM).
  • ST3 recruitment and many more.

We provide:

  • The on-demand content to help you design, organise and deliver your teaching programme.
  • A platform for you to deliver a series of sessions for the teaching programme you have designed and organised for healthcare professionals or medical students.
  • An international audience of healthcare professionals for your teaching programme.
  • Formal feedback from Generation Leader detailing the teaching content.
  • A letter confirming your involvement in your teaching programme.


  • Helps you boost your application and gain points where most applicants will find it challenging.
  • Increase your training application’s overall score.
  • Get the interview for the deanery of your choice!