CMI Certificate of Recognition


For subscribers to The Medical Leader Programme.

  • 2 months to complete
    (Complete sooner if you wish. Must be completed within 1 year)
  • Fully online
  • Get ahead in your career with a globally recognised certificate of recognition
  • Suitable for healthcare professionals at all levels of seniority
  • Earn FMLM CPD Credits at the same time as you complete your certificate

A Certificate of Recognition from the CMI for Healthcare Professionals



How to obtain the Certificate of Recognition

You need to complete all the CPD courses within ONE of the themes below:

  • Theme: What is the role of the leader?
    • Building and Leading Successful teams
    • Leading with Values and Ethics
    • Leading through Shared Vision
    • The Collaborative Leader
    • Leading through Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Leading with Judgment and Decisiveness
    • Accountable Leadership
  • Theme: The importance of skilful communication
    • Leading across Cultures
    • Becoming a Successful Collaborator
    • Leading with Judgment and Decisiveness
    • The Collaborative Leader
    • Leading Diversity
    • Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration
    • Navigating Challenging Situations with Diplomacy and Tact
    • Facing Virtual Team Challenges
    • Leading Others through Conflict
    • Cultivating Cross-functional Team Collaboration
  • Theme: How to create and lead change
    • Contributing as a Virtual Team Member
    • Leading Innovation
    • Leading with Strategic Thinking
    • Building and Leading Successful Teams
    • Creating a Successful Business Execution Culture
    • Leading through the Challenge of Change
    • Facilitating Sustainable Change
  • Theme: Why leaders should possess emotional intelligence
    • Leading by Developing People
    • Developing Your Critical Thinking and Cognitive Flexibility
    • Leading through Setting and Managing Priorities
    • The Collaborative Leader
    • The Agile Leader
    • Make The Time You Need: Get Organised
    • Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader
    • Managing in a Crisis
    • Managing Pressure and Stress to Optimise Your Performance
  • Theme: The significance or coaching in your career
    • Developing Successful Coaching Relationships
    • Leading by Developing People


  • You will gain recognised CPD credits at the same time as being awarded a CMI Certificate of Recognition.
  • All the benefits of The Medical Leader Programme
  • CMI Affiliate membership for 1 year:
    • Access to the CMI platform and all resources
    • CMI alumni network for 1 year
    • Access to all CMI networking and learning events for 1 year

Your Certificate

Generation Leader CMI Certificate of Recognition